THU 11/23: 8AM-NOON

FRI 11/24 + SAT 11/25: 8AM-4PM


12/24: 8AM - 4PM

12/25: 11-5PM


12/31: 8AM - 4PM

1/1: TBD - 5PM


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Carthaigh Coffee is a (soon to be) storefront but also a passion project. I would love to come share the experience I have designed for my space with you in yours- be it a wedding, fundraiser, or party. I have a fully mobile espresso and brew bar suitable for most indoor and outdoor locations in the Hudson Valley, ready for hire. Pricing and menu options are subject to change depending on the scope of services/products desired.

For Inquiries regarding catering, and to see the range of offerings available this season, please contact me at:

or by phone @ (201) 621-3813

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!



Consulting and Education

I have worked as a technician, educator, and manager in the specialty coffee industry for almost five years. Sharing the nuance of my craft is always the most rewarding aspect of my work. Having been behind the bar of hundreds of coffee shops, I know all too well that no two are the same and each requires its own focused care and preparation to really bring the coffee (and entire expereince) to life.

Please contact me at if you are interested in setting up a free consultation/ needs assessment by phone to determine your needs and arrange an on-site visit. Some of the services I can provide:


Training of management/new staff how to:

-Prepare High-Quality Espresso with consistency and efficiency

-Consistently and skillfully stretch/steam milk for latte, cappucini, and various milk beverages

-Pour beautiful latte art

-Precisely brew filter coffees using both traditional batch brew equipment as well as manual, made-to-order methods.

-Effectively clean and maintain the work space and equipment to ensure quality, efficiency, and presentation


Develop written/codified systems to suit the needs of your space, staff, and product offerings.

Consultation regarding equipment and installation, as well as networking with local roasters and vendor



Who we are

Carthaigh (kar-thay): The Loving One

My name is Andrew McCarthy and I have been working in the specialty coffee industry since 2011. I started as a manager of the Student Co-Op at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. My journey led me to Brooklyn, where I honed my skills as a barista, educator, manager, and technician. The cafe and its services are a culmination of these experiences I've had working as well as enjoying coffee on my travels around the world.

After completing my Permaulture Design Certification under David Holmgren in Victoria, Australia, I realized my true calling- to live a sustainable life and establish a family homestead with my parents at our home in the hills above Marbletown. Inspired by the communities and cafes I visited in Melbourne, I knew a local coffee shop could and would be a part of that vision.

The name "Carthaigh" embraces my heritage and establishes my legacy. "Mc-Carthy" means "Son of - Carthach", which has evolved into "The Loving One". The stag profile logo is an adaptation of the stag from my family's coat of arms- incorporating the meaning of the name as well as honoring its symbolism of peace, harmony, strength, and fortitude. 

"Forti et Fideli Nihil Dificile"

"To the brave and faithful, nothing is difficult"

Owning a cafe has been a dream of mine for many years, but I'd also like to bring the coffee to YOU, so stay tuned for appearances at local events and pop-ups.

I eagerly look forward to meeting you and swapping stories about love, coffee, and living in nature over some delicious espresso, latte, filter coffees, and tasty treats.

With Love,